If you don’t like John Wick then screw you!  Just kidding, but seriously. John Wick is probably the most badass assassin to grace the silver screen, and I bet you secretly want to be him, or at least have all those sweet guns.  This article will look at just how much dough it takes to be John Wick, from guns, to the gear, and of course that sweet Mustang.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, we need to establish some ground rules. I’m going to consider some of the big ticket items from the most recent film, John Wick 2 (JW2).  We won’t be counting all the guns he uses, because he does take a lot of guns off of his dead opponents, and honestly I can’t count that high anyway.

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John Wick’s Guns 

We all love JW because his guns are so awesome, and the fighting is so much more realistic than the normal Hollywood fare.  The guns in JW2 are almost exclusively built by Taran Tactical Custom Shop.

Taran Butler is a world renowned shooter, and is probably still one of the best shooters on earth.  Lately, he has been tapped to train Keanu Reeves for his role in both John Wick movies, which accounts for the realism.

In JW2 we see four different guns that he purchases from the “sommelier” in Rome, all of which are customs from Taran Tactical.  The cool thing is that you can actually have their custom shop build you an exact replica of the guns JW uses.

Glock 34 Combat Master 

This is one badass Glock 34.  In this case it is a gen 3, but you can have your gen 4 built as well, sans the scallop cut on the mag release.  The price for this is $1350, plus the the cost of a G34 which generally runs $600.  The total for this custom G34 is $1952.

Combat Master G34

This package is called the Combat Master, and it has some nice enhancements. There is a custom stipple job on the grip, with trigger guard undercutting.  A custom magwell, and magazine extension base pads.  There are also new internals including: trigger and guide rod, as well as custom sights.

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Glock 26 

This little pistol is JW’s back up piece.  He is also probably one of the few guys I think can legitimately claim to need a back up gun.  Like the G34, this one comes from Taran Tactical, and you will need to provide your own pistol, so they can work their magic on it.

The combat carry package, as seen in the movie, runs $1244.99.  That, plus the $506 for the gen 3 G26, brings us to an as seen total of $1750.99.

Combat Carry w/ Carry Wrap
John’s G26 is all Black

The modifications on this baby Glock are pretty much the same as the G34 including: new trigger, guide rod, sights, stippling, magazine undercut, mag extensions, as well as custom slide cutting.  Either way, it is a pretty nice little shooter.

John Wick’s Rifle 

This bad boy is the Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultra-light.  In the movie it’s spec’d as a 11.5 inch barrel, but this version that is for sale is 14.5 with a pinned compensator.

This gun is basically custom spec’d by TTI.  Some of the highlights include: VLTOR stock, BCM KMR Alpha forearm, Trijicon TR25 1-6x scope, and Trijicon RMR in a 45 degree offset mount (not pictured).

This gun lives up to it’s name, coming in at 6.4 lbs without the optics.  However, all this goodness does come at a price, namely the $4,339.98 sticker for the rifle with all modifications and optics.

John Wick’s Shotgun 

This baby is a Benelli M2 with the TTI M2 Upgrade package.  For this you have the option of providing them with your own shotgun, or you can purchase it through them.

This shotgun features a custom bolt, as well as polished internal surfaces for better feeding.  There’s a custom trigger job, as well as stippling on the stock.  There are new fiber optic sights, bolt release, and charging handle.

The total price for all this goodness, including purchasing the shotgun through them, is $2899.99. That is pretty steep, but you aren’t likely to find a finer shotgun anywhere else.

Total Guns Cost 

We’ve seen some pretty sweet guns for JW, but how big of a dent does that put in the bank account, or gold coins hoard?  All four guns, as spec’d, will cost you $10,942.96.  I mean, do your kids really have to go to college?

Other Gear 

Now, John Wick isn’t just a gun guy.  No sir, he also has some other pretty sweet equipment including knives, mustangs, a magical armored suit, and of course his baller house.

The Knife

The knife he uses is a MicroTech Scarab, which features an out the front action.  This allows you to automatically engaged and retract the blade with the slide of a switch.  

This little pig sticker will cost you about $399.  Pretty pricey, but JW can’t be running around with a leatherman, it just wouldn’t look right.

The Suit

John does rock some fine threads, and in this second film, he has a bespoke suit tailored at a strangely exclusive shop in Rome.   Now, this one is a bit of a swag, but your average high end bespoke suit is going to cost around $3000-$5000.

The suit in JW2 has a special bullet proof layer sewn into it which can stop bullets.  I have no idea how much imaginary armor technology costs, so I figure John’s probably paying $6000 in total.  I mean, are you really going to over charge John Wick?

The Car 
There has been some debate on the internet amongst mustang nerds, as to whether the mustang he drives is a Boss 429 or not.  The consensus seems to be that it is a 69 mustang fastback, but probably not a boss.
This is good for us because 69 fastbacks are much more reasonable than original boss 429’s.  It looks like current prices for fastback’s are around $69,000.

 The House 
This brings us to the biggest ticket item for John Wick, his sweet assassin’s pad. This, apparently, is an actual house that is located somewhere in New York, however, it’s exact location is a bit of a mystery.

Using my super sleuthing skills, I would estimate that the house is probably worth about $2,000.000 depending on location.  That’s definitely going to take a lot of gold coins to purchase.

Final Thoughts 

It looks like John Wick has a pretty sweet setup going here.  He’s got the best tactical guns, a nice muscle car, and a sweet house, but what does this bring our total too?

To be John Wick, it’s going to cost you at least $2,087,340.96.  That’s not including boring things like bills, and boxes of pencils (see what I did there?), so if you want to be a badass assassin, you need to find a day job first.