Favorite Supplements

  1. Blonyx Bioscience excellent scientifically valid and Tier Three tested products. Click here to read the research behind their HMB+Creatine Product.
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Favorite Gear 

  1. Laserlyte Pistol Rounds are rounds that fire a laser when you pull the trigger on your pistol.  They have both rifle and pistol rounds.  Click here to purchase from
  2. Everyday Carry Bag from Blackhawk. This bag is a great low profile bag with molle pouches inside to organize your items.  You can also mount holster’s to the webbing. Read my review here.  Purchase here for the lowest price on Amazon.
  3. Inforce WML Gen 2 Long gun weapon light.  Read my review here.  Click here if you’d like to purchase.  
  4. Surefire x300u weapons light for pistol and long gun.  My review here.
  5. Zero Tolerance Knife Zt 0350. My review here.

Favorite Apps

  1. Surefire Shot Timer.  This is a great tool for the range and for your dry fire drills.
  2. My Fitness Pal.  This app allows you to track your food intake, macros, and calories all for free


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