Haley Strategic is one of the up and coming tactical gear manufacturers.  They make a variety of equipment from plate carriers to weapons accessories, but they are rapidly becoming known for their clever chest rigs and packs.  The Flatpack is no different.

You can see in the photo that it quite compact and slim.  It also does not have MOLLE webbing hanging everywhere and at a casual glance does not scream that it is a tactical pack, which I tend to think is advantage.  Most of us don’t really use the webbing, and it is definitely out of place in most settings.


The pack also has a variety of expandable gussets that allow it to grow
from a very small 100 cubic inches to about 500 cubic inches.  It also
integrates nicely into the Haley DC3R chest right for a low profile look, which is amazing considering that it also has room for a 1 liter hydration pouch.

For the vast majority of folks this would work very well for an everyday carry bag, or an emergency bag with a chest rig and gun inside it as Travis demonstrates in his video.

I like that his equipment is designed to work together.  It shows foresight and planning which is pretty rare for most manufacturers.  To my mind, the chest rig and pack set up is a way better setup than a plate carrier for those whose profession doesn’t require them to carry a gun.  One, it’s much lighter, and you have much more maneuverability.  Secondly, you can always clip it into a plate carrier if you really need to carry around the extra 20 pounds and sweat your ass off.

Given the wide variety off option, colors, and interoperability, the Flatpack seems to be an ideal piece of gear for the vast majority of tactical enthusiasts.

If you’d like to give it a shot, you can use this affiliate link to get yours from Amazon.com.  Not only do you get the lowest price, you can help support us.  Thanks.