Finding a good holster for your pistol with a light can be a real pain.  Often times there are only a few companies making holsters for it, and they will only do holsters for the most popular light and gun combos, but what if you carry something that is not quite as popular?  Well you are in luck.  The Blackhawk Omnivore holster is a level two retention holster that can fit over 150 types of pistols.  Keep reading to see how it does this, and my experiences with this excellent piece of gear.

This Blackhawk Omnivore comes in two versions, those for pistols with lights, and those without lights.  I specifically bought the holster to fit my Springfield XDm with my Surefire x300u light.  If you want to read more about that gun and light combo, check out this article here. Links to the light and holster are Amazon Affiliate links.

As you might imagine, there aren’t any good holsters for this specific combo that I was able to find online.  My only real options were using those junk universal nylon holsters which are not good, and cause you to loose all of your cool points at the range.  Or I could have a custom kydex rig made to fit it.  Custom kydex is pretty cool, but also pretty expensive.

While doing my research I randomly came across the Omnivore and I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve had great experiences with Blackhawk in the past, and was excited that it was so versatile.

The holster works by grabbing the light attached to your weapon and not the actual weapon itself.  This is what allows you to mount nearly any handgun in the holster and have it lock into place.  It also keeps the holster from rubbing on your pistol, preserving the finish.  The non light bearing version (Amazon Affiliate Link) has a small block you attached to the guns frame rail, that allows the holster to grab onto, pictured below.


The holster seems very sturdy and comes in the box with a several options.  It has a paddle mount attachment or a belt attachment that you can attach to the holster.  There are also different release pads you can attach to the holster allowing you to customize it’s length.

The locking system is very sturdy, which is a great feature for this holster.  I’m a big proponent of retention systems for holsters like this.  You won’t be concealing this holster due to its size, so it makes sense that you have a method to keep control of the gun.  It also is easy to deactivate, allowing you to draw quickly with minimal practice.

I can also confirm that it will work with multiple weapons.  I normally use it for my XDm with the x300u, but just for shits and giggles I put that light on my Sig Sauer P226 and it fit like a dream.

It should be said that there are different models of each type of holster depending on the light you choose, and for right and left handers.  There are Streamlight versions and Surefire versions as well.  These are the most popular pistol mounted lights so this will generally cover most of your holster needs.

One of the best benefits to this holster is the amount of money it can save you in the long run.  Like most gun guys, I have more than one pistol.  Don’t tell my wife.  I also generally like to have a holster to fit each pistol I carry, but when you add lights into the mix it’s a pain, and can become very expensive to find those holsters.  This holster will work for any gun as long as you have your light attached to it.

The only really drawback is that your gun must have a rail for this system to work.  My Colt 1911 will not work in any of the versions of this holster because it has no frame rail.   It will also not work for any revolvers, even if they do have a rail.  You are out of luck there.  Still, it does cover 150 different semi auto pistols, which is enough guns to bankrupt most of us.

I’ve had great experience with this holster, which has caused me to wonder why no one else has thought to make it before, and why so few people have heard of the Omnivore.  It’s got a great price, generally under $60 bucks which is very reasonable for a light that can handle nearly any modern semi auto handgun.

If you want to give it a try use the links above, and order that sucker off of You’ll get it quickly, and for the best price.  Plus it helps us keep the lights on around here, and we appreciate the support.

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