Competition shooting has been increasing in popularity in the last several years for obvious reasons.  It’s fun, useful, and it gives us plausible excuses to buy new guns.  There is; however, a lingering doubt about the utility of competition shooting.  Many tactical gurus claim that it will get you killed on the street, citing various differences between a competition and a shooting, but will it really?  That is the question we are going to answer in this article.

If you Google competition vs tactical shooting, the top result lists 5 differences between the two.  Let’s just say that there’s a reason I’m not linking to it.  I’m hoping no one ever reads that kind of crap.

Listen, I’m not here to rag on another brother in blue, but it’s patently clear from reading the article that he doesn’t have a clue, and probably has never participated in a shooting competition.  The article does do a great job of summing up the nonsense that some “tactical trainers” claim are the downfalls of competition.

The author claims that all targets are single shot only.  This isn’t true either in IDPA, or USPSA, but steel targets are generally one shot.  So the vast majority of targets require more than one shot.

Next the author claims that a “goofy overhand” grip on a rifle is not practical for the streets.  According to him, the only proper method is using a vertical fore grip, allowing you to pull the rifle into your shoulder pocket, which allows you to control recoil.

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