I’ve been doing crossfit for 10 years now, and I’ve seen a huge change from the early days until now, and most of it has been for the better.  However, there have been some persistent myths, and legacy training scars, that have been passed down from crossfit generation, to crossfit generation.  Most often there are no good reasons why these ideas linger, but linger they do, to our detriment. This article will expose those myths, and show you how they can hold you, and your training back.


This one leads to much eye rolling, and face palming, when I hear someone mention this to me.  The bench press has great utility and transfers well to all overhead movements.  It is a great exercise for your triceps.   In fact, you will probably never see a great bencher without huge triceps.  Guess what, you need those monster, horseshoe triceps for all strict presses, and any other overhead lift. So, if you’re okay with never pressing serious weight, then I’d stay away from the bench press.

I’ve also experienced nearly as much push back when I recommend that an athlete do some isolation training, or gasp, bodybuilding. I normally trick the hell out of my athletes by calling this “accessory” training, which seems to be more palatable. Jokes on them, because they would fit right in to Golds gym with that accessory training.

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